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29 Aug 2007

I am so afraid of my first boy-friend. T-T Mixed feelings.
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Since the 24th August 2007 I have a boyfriend called Alex L., so I call him just AL! XD

I am so afraid. I have to write so much more so many things to tell, just about 6 days. T-T I still can not believe this.

I am in deep love and on the other hand I am afraid of going to be used...don't know. And the things...are so strange.

He thanked me for visiting him and he blushed when I have told him, that I wished him to hug me, although I would never ask strangers for a hug. ^^° My dear, that story is going to be a complete weird love story. And it is going to be more strange every day, so I am very afraid of what is happening the next day. T-T

4.9.07 13:04

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